About The Shanti Agency

Founded in 2009, The Shanti Agency has proudly helped countless businesses, brands, organizations, and event coordinators produce powerful and impactful all-inclusive events, as well as delivering unsurpassed brand awareness services to Southeast Michigan.  

At The Shanti Agency, we offer targeted and efficient branding opportunities for corporations, businesses, and organizations looking to expand their reach into the south Asian demographic.  With nearly 90,000 individuals within a 60 mile radius of Detroit self-identifying as being of south Asian descent, and an estimated purchasing power of nearly $1.1 trillion dollars within the next year in the U.S., The Shanti Agency helps effectively spread your message and promote your brand in a way that resonates with this niche demographic.

As connected members of this incredible community, The Shanti Agency delivers a full suite of branding options that drive results.  From initial concept development and planning, to logistics and final execution, we are steadfast in our mission to make your brand go off without a hitch, and connect you with the south Asian community in a way that makes a great impression.  As the team responsible for the Michigan Diwali Festival and the Michigan South Asian Film Festival, we have the reputation, the team, and the passion to create a spectacular event.